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Arrest warrant for father and wife over five-year daughter maltreatment

  Written By:   (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
01, 2009


In Wednesday's court session, relatives of the murderer of a Jew in Amran attacked one of the soldiers at the court and publicly threatened to cleanse the victim's family and all Jews in the area. 

Lawyers and a journalist were also threatened.  

In the session held in the Amran Penal Court and which the murderer didn't attend, the lawyers of the murdered Jew family requested trial procedures to be held in Sana'a instead of Amran claiming no security is provided at the Amran Penal Court as the relatives of the killer are marring the trial.  


Lawyers said there would be no justice in the trial as no protection is provided for the justice seekers.  

As a result, chairman of the court ordered three of the relatives be jailed and two of them be referred to Prosecution for investigation.  

The measure was taken in connection with illegal acts these people committed during the session.  

Owing to developments, the hearing has been delayed until January 12. 

In response, the Attorney General asked the Amran Penal Court to send the case file to his office in Sana'a and that the victim family move to Sana'a as well.  

Prosecution in the last hearing asked to transfer the case to Sana'a due to lack of security in Amran province for lawyers, journalists and the seekers of justice.  

On December 11, chief rabbi's brother in Amran Masha Yaesh was killed by a local who said he shot dead the Jewish for the sake of Allah. The murderer Abdul Aziz al-Ubaidi was arrested shortly after the murder.  

He confessed to the killing.  

He is now on trial, although some reports said earlier he suffers from mental illness.  

Al-Ubaidi was a former pilot in the Yemeni Air Force. 

Two years ago, he was convicted of murdering his wife. Jews in Amran claim they have started to experience intimidations by some locals and they appealing for government protection.  

After the latest incident and responding to Jews' complaints, President Saleh ordered authorities in Sana'a to grant a land plot and YR 2 million for every Jewish family in Amran. Jews then should sell their properties in Amran and relocate to Sana'a to build new houses in a special area for them.