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Aden Security Foils Escape Plot by Suspected Al-Qaeda Prisoners
  Written By: Fuad Rajeh (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
December 29, 2008



Aden security authorities managed to foil an escape attempts by a group of suspected Al-Qaeda members, according to official media sources. 

Al-Mansoura Prison Authorities discovered that the suspects were trying to escape through a six-meter tunnel they dug. 

The security sources blamed prisoners involved in terrorist attacks for digging the tunnel which leads into the outer walls of the prison. However, the plot was foiled as security guards discovered it. 

Similar escape attempts took place in the past and the most famous of which was the escape of senior Al-Qaeda affiliates from the Political Security prison in the Capital Sana'a in early February 2006.

Al-Qaeda fugitives in the 2006 incident dug a three-hundred-meter tunnel from the prison to the nearby mosque. After their escape, security authorities managed to arrest and kill most of them one at a time.

The Ministry of Interior noted that it had set a security plan to secure the different celebrations and festivals of foreign embassies, delegations and organizations working in Yemen which are timed with the New Year and Christmas.

According to the Media Center of Interior Ministry, the plan includes tightening security measures around embassies and residences of foreigners, together with taking further precautionary security measures.

The center hinted that such measures are taken to provide a suitable climate for foreigners living in Yemen to celebrate the occasion stretching from December 24-January 1, stressing that this would reflect a good picture of Yemen and the state of security and stability it enjoys.