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Seeking to Relocate Raidah Jews; Saleh Orders Granting them Land Plots

  Written By: Moneer Al-Omari ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date:
December 29, 2008



President Ali Abdullah Saleh has delegated Sheikh Yahya Mujahid Abu Shawarb to grant Jews of Raidah small plots of lands in the Capital Sana'a, especially after the Jewish minority, who still live in some areas of Amran province are subject to constant threats and harassment by extremists.

This move comes a few weeks after Jewish Rabbi Moshe bin Ya'aish Al-Nahari was killed in Amran's grand market. The government seeks to join them with the Jews of Bani Salem of Sa'ada who were removed after reported threats by Houthis.

Experts stress that this would help protect the small Jewish community who favored not to leave their own country, especially when the state is incapable to defend them in the uncontrolled tribal areas. 

Saleh gave his directives to Abu Shawarb to grants each Jewish family, about 45 families, a small plot of land in Sa'wan district of Sana'a which is close to the headquarters of the US and UK Embassies.

Last Wednesday, dozens of Jews and Muslims attended the burial ceremony of Moshe whose killer is standing trial before Amran Primary Court. Though it has it has not been proved yet, sources speculate that the growing conflict between the Muslim & Jewish communities in the area could be the reason behind killing Moshe.

Rabbi Moshe was a leader in the town of Raidah where he used to teach Jewish youth and lead prayer services.