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IFES director dismisses reports he questions SCER operating
  Written By: Arwa Al-Anesi ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date:
December 29, 2008



Executive Director of the International Foundation for Elections Systems in Yemen has dismissed media reports that he questions  the integrity of the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum (SCER) and accuses it of corruption  saying all the reports were untrue.

Peter Williams said on Saturday during a meeting with head of the SCER Khalid Abdul Wahab Al-Shareef that he was sorry that some websites and party papers were publishing such false reports.

Williams, however, praised the SCER efforts in preparing for the 2009 elections and the process of revising and rectification of the 2008 voter rolls.

He hailed the move SCER has taken to announce repeated and ineligible voters and referring them to Prosecution.

He called on the political parties to cooperate with the SCER and work together according to effective laws and constitution, affirming the IFES will continue to support the decisions of SCER in an effort to hold the upcoming parliamentary elections on time.

Williams affirmed that reports where he questioned the ways in which SCER is working were totally untrue, saying the workshop which was organized by IFES for trainees from SCER aimed at introducing them to guidelines and procedures regulating the political finance of electoral operations and identifying the role of relevant authorities in this regard.