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Chief Rabbi receives SMS threats of cleansing
  Written By:   (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
01, 2009


Chief Rabbi in the area of Kharef in Amran province Yahya Yaesh has said he has received threats through mobile phone text messages.  

He said one of the messages threatened of cleansing Jews in the area and the second asked him to convert to Islam.  

The rabbi then demanded authorities to provide protection for the Jewish community in the area.  

He said the recent messages were like those his murdered brother received before he was killed on December 11. 

Relevant authorities in the province could not be reached immediately for comments.  

Yemeni Jews in Amran, whose number is not more than 800, started recently to experience intimidations by locals.  

On December 11, the chief rabbi's brother Masha Yaesh, 28, was killed by a former pilot for religious reasons.  

The killer, who was a former pilot in Yemen Force Air, is now on trial.