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Arrest warrant for father and wife over five-year daughter maltreatment

  Written By:   (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
01, 2009


A Yemeni court has issued an arrest warrant for a father and a wife in connection with maltreating a five-year daughter.  

Prosecution in North Secretariat Capital ordered to hold the father of Jihad Abu Ras and his wife who were accused of torturing the daughter brutally.    

The orders came after the Attorney General received a note from the SEYAJ Organization for Child Protection demanding the arrest of the couple and bring them to justice.  

The note also demanded to revoke the right of the father in care of his daughter in case he and his wife are convicted of the torture.   

The note affirmed Jihad Abu Ras a five-year child was tortured by her father and his wife according to doctors who treated here.