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1000 Innocent Lives
  Written By:  Hakim Almasmari ( Editor-in-Chief)*
  Article Date:
December 29, 2008 



What the world is watching today, and has been watching since Saturday is a live example of a country killing hundreds for the sake of killing.

Palestine, a country under years of occupation, and with very limited quantities of basic essentials of life, is the victim of the Israeli air raids that has killed hundreds among them a large number of children and women.

Its very awkward to watch the international community watch the blood that is being spilled and each one waiting to see what happens next without making an effort to stop such killings.

Honestly, I donít blame the western world for staying quiet because they believe that their future lies with the success of Israel over Arabs, therefore using Israel as a tool to weaken the Arabs for many years to come.

What surprises me is seeing hundreds of thousands of people taking the streets in protest demanding their leaders to help their brothers in Gaza, while in the same time all leaders watch and stay quiet.

Is it true that our leaders are scared to talk because they are scared to anger some western countries or are they really just plain out stupid?

From what I can see they are stupid, but in the same time donít care like the people do and that is because the majority of Arab leaders are not wanted by their people, and they know that the only way to keep their rule is to abide to foreign pressure, which is also protecting the seats for them. Time will prove that they were a disgrace to the Muslim world in specific and humanity in general.

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