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Private hospitals threaten all-out strike if stabbers of al-Qadasi not arrested

  Written By:   (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
January 06, 2009


A South African mother along with her two kids, who were abducted on Friday in Abyan province, have been freed. 

Local sources in the province said the release came as a result of a tribal mediation led by deputy governor of Abyan and members of the province local council.  

However, no details or comments about the release were disclosed.  

On Friday tribesmen from the Al Dahour tribe in Abyan kidnapped a South African tourist along with her two children, with German citizenship, on the way to Aden.  

They were coming from Hadramout where they were with their father.  

The incident took place east of the Khubr area, 172 kilometers east of the province capital, Zunjbar. The hostages were taken to a nearby rough area.  

According to reports, the abduction came in retaliation for the arrest of a man from the tribe, officer, who was arrested by authorities in Sana'a on political charges.  

The kidnappers earlier demanded the release of the officer.  

The abduction is the first in this new year and it came almost two weeks after three German nationals were kidnapped in Sana'a.  

The Germans were abducted by gunmen who belonged to a tribe in the outskirts of Sana'a.  

The kidnapping aimed at putting pressure on the government to meet commitments it had made for people of the tribe. But later the foreigners were released unharmed.  

Not only tribesmen abduct foreigners, but also nationals, particularly children. A month ago Ali Muhammad al-Udaini, 8 years child, was taken from a school in Sana'a. The kidnappers thought he was the son of a Yemeni businessman they say he owes them YR 300 million.  

But authorities intervened after appeals from his family and he was later freed.