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Gulf center to train Yemeni laborers to be set up in Sana'a
  Written By:   (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
January 07, 2009


The Saudi International Foras Investment Company intends to set up a training center in Sana'a for Yemeni laborers in an effort to qualify them to work in the Gulf States.  

The announcement was made on Sunday at a meeting that gathered a delegation from the company with minister of Technical Education and Vocational Training.  

Head of the delegation Khalid Rabah al-Harbi said the center would be first established in Sana'a and in next phases similar training centers to qualify Yemeni laborers would be set up in Aden and Mukala.  

After training and qualifying Yemeni laborers, the Gulf States can select of them according to their needs through direct contracts with laborers themselves. 

Al-Harbi said the current visit aimed at conducting a feasible study on the project based on the needs of the Gulf labor markets in areas such as construction, industry and collecting data as well as discussing measures for implementing the project.   

The meeting discussed issues related to elements of the project, implementation phases and proposals of the company for the initial setting up of the center.  

Al-Harbi said the company gives priority to Yemeni workforce particularly qualified laborers.