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Yemen has signed more than 60 international human rights accords
  Written By:   (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
January 07, 2009


Yemen has signed more than 60 international accords on human rights, most of which require social awareness to implement, Deputy Minister of Social and Labor Affairs has said.   

Opening a workshop on raising awareness among youth about the concepts of international human rights and national and introducing them to international human rights accords and laws, Ali Saleh Abdullah said the condition of human rights in Yemen, according to many international organizations, is satisfied.   

About 500 women organizations and more than 70 human rights organizations work in Yemen, he said, adding these organizations can change; defend human rights and prevent human rights violations.  

Many of these organizations, nonetheless, turned to work for political parties, the move which affects their right operating, he said. 

The government encourages the creation of effective civil society organizations in the belief that a country can't develop unless there is full community participation.  

On the two-day workshop, which involved 20 participants, secretary general of the UNESCO in Yemen Muhammad Abdul Bari al-Qadasi said the workshop focused on youth as they are the important section in the society. 

He urged the participants to do their best to raise awareness about human rights concepts and principles and to contribute to activate the role of youth in defending human rights at the individual and family levels.   

Al-Qadasi said the workshop aimed at introducing the participants to a special program on human rights that was prepared by the Majd Organization for Development and Human Rights and the UNESCO coinciding with the latest brutal Israeli assaults on the Gaza strip.   

On the other hand, Human Rights Minister Huda al-Ban criticized the western attitude towards killings in Gaza under the pretext of self defense.  

Al-Ban said the partiality of western governments topped by the US and Europe in favor of Israel is clear, describing their attitude as a double standard.