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Yemen has signed more than 60 international human rights accords
  Written By:   (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
January 07, 2009


Arrangements got underway for receiving war-injured Gazans after President Ali Abdullah Saleh ordered the treatment of 500 Gaza people of those who were wounded by Israeli air, sea and ground assaults in the country's hospitals.  

On Monday Minister of Public Health and Population Abdul Karim Rasi chaired a meeting that gathered officials from the ministry and boards of directors of private and public hospitals as well as military hospitals.   

The meeting approved mechanisms regulating receiving and treating injured Palestinians at these hospitals.  

Rasi said the ministry contacted Yemen's embassies in Egypt and Jordan asking them to contact the Jordanian and Egyptian Health Ministries over the transport of injured Gazans to Yemen.  

President Saleh announced on Sunday Yemen will hospitalize 500 wounded Palestinians in the country's hospitals.  

Yemen will provide airplanes at Egyptian and Jordan airports for the transport of Palestinian patients.  

The move comes in support for the Palestinian people in the Gaza strip where the Israeli military is continuing air, sea and ground attacks for the eighth day.   

Meanwhile, President Saleh said during a telephone call with Damascus-based head of the Hamas Political Bureau Khalid Mashal that Israel took advantage of Palestinian-Palestinian differences, urging all Palestinian factions to heal the rift among them and align to face Israeli attacks.   

On December 27, Israel started air strikes on the Gaza strip killing at least 200 people and wounding almost 800 others in the first day of the attacks.  

During the first three days, some countries tried to convince Israel to cease the attacks so that humanitarian relief reaches wounded people in the strip.  

But Israel refused the appeal, and pressed on air strikes on military and civilian targets in Gaza.  

On Saturday evening and after a week of air strikes, the Israeli military moved tankers to the borders of the strip aiming to invade Gaza with ground troops.   

More than 510 Gazans have been killed and over 2400 wounded during eight days of Israeli assaults.  

The Israeli assaults on Gaza came after a one and a half year blockade on the strip