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As relocation nears, Jews in Amran attacked
  Written By:   (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
January 07, 2009


A number of the Jewish community in Amran's Raidah district was injured Saturday morning as they were attacked by protesters in support for Gaza.

Local sources told the Yemen Post that tens of students of Al-Zahra primary school in Raidah district protesting against Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip threw stones at Jewish people and their homes.

According to Jewish sources, letters were sent to local authorities, security offices, and Minister of Interior Office, explaining what happed to them and their homes.

Alsahwa-yemen.net, however, reported that director of security in Amran Governorate dismissed media reports on the arrack as untrue.

Haiim Yaiash, a Jew, called on President Saleh to provide protection for the Jewish community, saying a quick transfer of them to Sana'a is mostly urgent.  

Sheikhs, Mohamed Najee Al-Shaif and Yahya Mojhed Abu Shwarib were informed last Saturday that arrangements for the relocation of Jews to Sana'a had been completed.  

Meanwhile, local sources assured that the Jewish community will be transferred to the Sawan Tourist City in Sana'a, adding that authorities have arranged 160 villas to accommodate 267 Jewish people.

The arrangements came after President Saleh had ordered the allocation of a land plot in Sana'a as well as YR 2 million for every Jewish family in Amran.  

The Presidential orders came after a Jew was murdered in Amran for religious reasons.