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International tender for Aden airport to be announced soon
  Written By:   (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
January 08, 2009


The General Authority for Civil Aviation and Metrology is to announce an international tender for partnership with an experienced world company in management of airports to market services provided at the Aden airport and to improve the performance of the airport.  

Head of the Aden Airport Salim Muhammad al-Tamimi said the authority has finished reference conditions for the tender.  

Al-Tamimi hoped that a well-experienced company wins the tender, particularly as the Aden airport is witnessing an increase in air transport. This increase was by 30% in 2008 and is expected to increase in this year and that new companies may operate at it.   

Al-Tamimi reviewed the current condition of the airport and its potentials as well as efforts done to develop the airport through raising it capacity. 

'The open policy the administration of the airport has followed encourages many air transport companies to manage flights to Aden.' He said. 

Facilitations such as fee discounts and exempts have been provided as well.  

He brought up projects to improve the airport including infrastructure and rehabilitation projects.  

The airport must be ready by 2010, the year when Yemen will host the 20th Gulf Cup football championship that would be held in Aden and Abyan.