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Yemeni employees to donate wages to Gaza
  Written By:   (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
January 08, 2009


Employees of the public and mixed sectors as well as private funds are to donate a day's wages to the people of Gaza.  

In its weekly meeting, the cabinet approved on Tuesday the donation of a day's wages in support for the Palestinians in the Gaza strip.

The meeting, which was chaired by Prime Minister Ali Muhammad Mujawar, listened to a report on the developments in the Gaza strip being under Israeli attacks for an eleven day.  

The meeting also reviewed Yemen's efforts to ease the sufferings of the Palestinians in Gaza launched since Israel waged a war on the strip on December 27, including President Ali Abdullah Saleh's call for holding an Arab emergency summit and the public's continuous support for Palestinians either through fund donations or condemnation of Israeli attacks and holding demonstrations.  

The last measure taken by Yemen to support the Gaza people was a President Saleh's order to treat 500 Palestinians of those who were injured during Israeli air, sea and ground assaults against the strip in the country's hospitals.  

The Israeli military is pounding the Gaza strip for a ninth successive day killing at least 580 Gazans  and wounding over 2700 others. After a week of air strikes, the Israeli military decided on Saturday to invade the strip with ground troops.  

And since this began, tens Israeli troops have been killed, injured and arrested, according to Hamas sources.