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Trial of Israel-Linked Spy Ring To Start Saturday
  Written By:   (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
January 09, 2009


The Specialized Penal Court is to start next Saturday the trial of three of a six-member spy ring accused of working for the Israel's Massad Intelligence Agency, judicial sources have said.

After investigations with the accused were completed, Prosecution handed over the case file to the court in prelude for trial.

During investigations, three of the six-member network confessed to working for Israel through communication with the office of Israeli PM Ehud Olmert and Mossad.

Basam al-Haidari, Emad al-Raimi and Ali Mahfal said they told Israelis they were ready to transfer information about Yemen and that their offer was welcomed by the Israeli side.

Israelis then told them they wanted them to conduct spy operations at the regional level.

However, three other members of the terrorist network, which was arrested in October, were set free for lack of evidence.

The cell members are also facing charges related to promulgating false news via the internet that Jihadist groups carried out bombings inside Yemen.

A security source earlier said the six-member ring was a jihadist network and had threatened to attack foreign and Arab missions in the country including the embassies of Saudi Arabia, Britain and the United Arab Emirates.

During the raid on the network’s hideout, security forces found items including a computer set, which revealed there was contact between the network and an Israeli intelligence service.  

During the correspondence, the network asked for help to carry out terrorist activities inside Yemen, the security source said.

In early October, President Ali Abdullah Saleh announced an Israel-linked terrorist ring was dismantled.