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Abducted Child Finally Released; South African Tourists Freed
  Written By:  Abdul Rahim Al-Shawthabi (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
January 05, 2009



A group of tribal sheikhs led successful mediation efforts as they managed to release the 8-year-old child Ali Mohammed Al-Oudaini who was abducted five days ago by Bani Dhabian tribesmen.

Upon the arrival of the mediation team in Sana'a, Minister of Interior Muthar Rashad Al-Misri received them along with the released child Al-Ouaini and he expressed his gratefulness to their efforts and good offices.

Interior Ministry sources noted that the delivery of the abducted Al-Oudaini, mistaken him for the billionaire Tawfiq Al-Khameri's son, was made without any pledges of ransoms whatsoever.

Media sources reported that security apparatuses laid a siege around the area to which the kidnapped child was taken, soon after the kidnapping operation took place.

Al-Odaini is an orphan and a neighbor of the Al-Khameri family whose son was kidnapped late last year. He was abducted while he was on his way to school.

Making sure that the kidnapped is not Al-Khameri's son, the kidnapper Moqbel Moshwah set Al-Oudaini free. The dispute between the kidnapper and Al-Khameri dates back to 2007 when the latter made a deal at $490,000 to buy prohibited mercury.

By then, Al-Khameri gave the seller a check at the agreed sum and later informed the authorities who caught the seller upon arrival in the bank to receive the money.

In related news, informed sources said that a South African mother and her two sons were freed on Saturday night after being kidnapped last Friday in Abyan governorate, south of the capital Sana'a, by armed tribesmen.

The African tourists were kidnapped as they were coming back from a tourist trip in the area.  

Local sources revealed that the kidnappers belong to Al-Fadhl family who seek to force concessions in the part of the government to release their fellow people jailed over past connections with killing and kidnapping crimes.