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After Fatal Assault of Dr. Al-Qadasi; Private Hospitals Demand Security Protection and Start Partial Strike

  Written By:  Moneer Al-Omari (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
January 05, 2009



Private hospitals in the capital Sana'a started last Saturday a partial strike protesting the fatal assault against Dr. Dirhim Al-Qadasi from Science and Technology Hospital by an armed group led by Yousuf Al-Maflahi who claimed that Al-Qadasi killed his father by a medical error.

The representatives of private sector hospitals denounced the incident and demanded the respective authorities to seize the perpetrators and refer them to judiciary to stand trial especially when Al-Qadasi sustained serious injuries after being stabbed by a Jambia many times.

Deputy Prime Minister for Defense and Security Affairs and Minister Rashad Al-Alimi and the Minister of Health and Population Abdul Karim Rase' paid a visit last Saturday to Science and Technology Hospital and ordered holing the corpse of the killer's father until he [the killer] surrenders to authorities.

In a meeting held last Saturday and involved the Chairmen of the Board of Directors of the major private hospitals in Sana'a and the Head of Yemeni Doctors and Pharmacists Syndicate Abdul Qawi Al-Shamiri, the participants elected a committee and a media officer to follow up the case.

They also stressed the importance to provide security for the private medical facilities, especially when the security agents deployed by the private security companies remain armless under the new law that bans arms bearing or possession.

Observers stress that such problems and incidents could cripple the future of medical investments in Yemen and damage the reputation of the private sector's hospitals and prevent them from providing quality services to society members.