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Trial of Suspected Al-Qaeda Network Delayed until Next Week
  Written By:  Fuad Rajeh (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
January 05, 2009



The Special Penal Court has postponed the trial of the 2nd Al-Sunainah terrorist network, suspected of having links to Al-Qaeda, until next week.

In Saturday's session chaired by Judge Muhsen Alwan the court allowed the lawyer of the defendants to meet his clients to prepare his materials to present them during the next session.

In the session, the court listened to confessions of a third member in the network, Muneer Hassan Al-Bouni who admitted he forged official documents.

Muneer, however, refused accusations related to committing or planning terrorist acts.

The 2nd Al-Sunainah terrorist network consists of four members accused of forming an armed gang aimed at committing terrorist attacks against tourists and foreign and security targets inside Yemen.

Muhammad Muhsen Al-Saadi, Esam Ghailan, Muneer Hassan Al-Bouni and Osama Muhsen Al-Saadi are also facing charges related to forging official documents.

In relation to the Sana'a terrorist networks, the trial of the 1st Al-Sunainah terrorist network, which also consists of four members facing similar charges, has started at the court as well.

Police arrested the two cells members together in November 2007 at a house in the Al-Sunainah area in Sana'a planning to carry out terror attacks against tourists. At the hideout, police found explosives, bombs and machine guns.