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Project to Promote Rural Women's Rights to Be Launched In Dhamar
  Written By:   Arwa Al-Anesi  (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
January 05, 2009



The Al Zahra'a Foundation for Women Development in Dhamar province is to launch a  project for promoting the rural women's right security.

The project, which would be implemented with funding from the Ministry of Human Rights and the European Union, would be launched during the current month. 

The project will last for one and a half year and will be implemented in the districts of Upper Wosab, Utma, Maghreb Ans, Manar and  Al Sharq Mountain, said director of the project Zaid Muhammad Al-Sagheer.

It will consist of three components that will focus on eliminating illiteracy and raising awareness about rural women's rights besides the social organizational component, he said.

Under the component of illiteracy elimination, about 80 rooms for elder learning and eradicating illiteracy would be opened.

The component of raising awareness about women's rights will include programs to raise awareness about legal, social and political rights of rural women as well as supporting their issues.

Al-Sagheer said 80 social committees would be established consisting of social dignitaries, school heads and female teachers that will work to implement the activities of the project in various communities. The committees will be in contact with the foundation and the Ministry of Human Rights.