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Private hospitals threaten all-out strike if stabbers of al-Qadasi not arrested

  Written By:   (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
January 06, 2009


Private hospitals in Sana'a have started a partial strike in protest against the slowness of authorities to arrest the attackers of a doctor in the Hospital of the Science and Technology University.  

The hospitals are threatening a full-scale strike on Tuesday if authorities could not seize the attackers of doctor Dirhim al-Qadasi who is currently struggling for life in the hospital intensive care unit.  

The hospitals taking part in the strike included the Saudi-German Hospital, the Hospital of the Science and Technology University, the Modern German Hospital, the Al Mutawakil Hospital, the Ibn Sena'a Hospital, the Siblas Hospital and the National Hospital.  

Responding to the incident, heads of private hospitals have set up a medical committee that consists of chairmen of the boards of directors of these hospitals and head of the Yemeni Pharmacist Syndicate to follow up the developments of the case. 

The hospitals also appointed a pressman to cover the issue.

Moreover, they established a fund to support information and following-up campaigns.  

Head of the committee Yahya al-Thowr said such incidents affect medical investment in the country and the process of providing better medical services.  

However, Minister of Public Health and Population Abdul Karim Rasi chided the organizers of the strike and warned against escalation, saying holding a strike is a measure of last resort.   

Almost a week ago, Dr. Dirhim al-Qadasi, head of the intensive care unit at the Hospital of the Science and Technology University was attacked by gunmen who broke into the hospital.  

Sources at the hospital noted that the gunmen were relatives of an 85- patient who died at the hospital of serious illnesses.  

After his death, al-Qadasi, who treated him, called his relatives to inform them about the death. Hearing the news, relatives threatened to come and kill the doctor. 

The doctor told the hospital guards who closed all the front doors of the hospital. 

But they came well-armed with machine guns, grenades and pistols and broke the doors and went into the hospital compound heading to the intensive care unit.  

There was Dr. al-Qadasi writing a report on the death. They stabbed him in his back. He was taken to the operating room and still struggling for life.  

A source the General Prosecution said on Sunday the Court of the South Secretariat Capital has ordered the arrest of Yousuf Nasser al-Muflihi and his brother Tawfiq Nasser al-Muflahi in connection with the attack.  

The two are mainly behind of the attack.