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1000 Innocent Lives
  Written By:  Hakim Almasmari ( Editor-in-Chief)*
  Article Date:
January 05, 2009 



President Saleh announced earlier this week that each Jewish family living in Amran governorate will be moved to Sanaía at the expense of the government. Thatís not all, each family will also be given property and a house under their names. Adding to that, families will also get two million Riyals each to help them in their daily lives.

This occurrence rose questions from some Muslims in Yemen who only wish to be treated the same way as the Jewish minority in Yemen. Thousands of homeless families living in the streets are not asking for money or property, but are only asking for a roof to go over their heads, especially during these cold and windy days.

Yes I do believe that Yemeni Jews should be treated the same as Yemeni Muslims, because that is what Islam teaches us to do. However what we witnessed last week was different. Jews in Yemen are given things which some believe they donít deserve or did not earn.

Yes they are being threatened by others, but arenít all Yemenis threatened and being killed on a daily basis. How many Yemenis were killed and threatened and even lost their entire households in a single day due to killings, but in the end, did not even get a proper investigation to the murder case of their relatives, let aside get assistance from the government.

I am only calling for equal treatment between citizens for the sake of the Jews. People will feel offended by seeing them getting money and property while on the other hand others get nothing, therefore causing possible anger attacks against Jews in Yemen.

* Editor-in-Cheif could be reached at:  editor@yemenpost.net