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Yemeni Physicians To Go To Gaza
  Written By:   (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
January 13, 2009


The Yemeni Physician and Pharmacist Syndicates in collaboration with the Kana'an for Palestine Organization are to send a medical team to Gaza to treat injured Palestinian people in the strip.  

Yemeni doctors who wish to go to the strip can register their names at offices the two syndicates and the organization have set up.  

Once a team takes shape, arrangements will start to enable it to enter the strip through the Rafah crossing.  

Those doctors who like to go to the strip should be specialized in treatment of war-wounded people, particularly of specialists in bone, brain and nerve injuries.  

In relation to medical assistance for the Gaza strip, the Yemen Pharmaceuticals Producers Federation has started collecting medications from companies producing medicines in Yemen for the people of Gaza. 

Informed sources noted that these companies have donated more than 20 tons of basic medicines which would be transported to the strip of Gaza as soon as possible.  

The Israeli military is pounding Gaza for a third week. Israel has announced it will go on the war, although the Security Council has issued a decision calling for instant ceasefire.  

More than 800 Palestinians have been killed since Israeli assaults began on December 27 and more than 3400 others injured.