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Sana’a-Aden Road Blocked in Lahj
  Written By:   (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
January 16, 2009


Prompted by arrests at a reconciliation and tolerance rally in Aden province, people from the province of Lahj are blocking the main road Sana’a-Aden for a second day.

These people are preventing cars and passengers from crossing this road, demanding the release of innocents authorities arrested yesterday at the rally.

Police director in the Radfan district Hidra Haitham said mediations are underway with tribe elders and community dignitaries to reopen the highway.

He said many troops were deployed in the area.

On Tuesday, police fired shots and tear gas dispersing a rally at the al-Hashmi square in Aden where people gathered to commemorate the third anniversary of the establishment of reconciliation and tolerance groups in south and the January 13th, 1986 events.

Some people were injured and others arrested.