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Russian warplane shoots Yemeni boat
  Written By:   (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
January 16, 2009


A Russian helicopter has fired on a Yemeni fishing boat, injuring one of its four crew members as the boat was out of the Yemeni territorial waters in the Arabian Sea, Yemeni media said. 

The sources added that the injured fisherman was aired to the Russian warship to receive treatment, while the other three fishermen were sent to Aden.  

Meanwhile, local sources said that a vessel affiliated to the Russian Navy intercepted yesterday Yemeni fishermen on traditional boats and shot fire on them causing no injuries. 

Sources in the Yemeni Coast Guards Head offices prefer to remain silent as it is not authorized to talk about the incident.  

For his part Foreign Minister Abu Bakr Al-Qirbi stressed the importance of coordination and exchanging information between Yemen and the countries that have deployed warships in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian sea to combat piracy.

A run state news agency Saba disclosed that Al-Qirbi’s meeting with the French ambassador to Yemen, in Sana'a last Thursday focused on the practical procedures that are to be taken to raise the level of coordination among the participating countries to fight against piracy.

Earlier this week the French Forces that work with International Forces suspected a Yemeni traditional fishing boat to be Somali pirates' boat and then set fire on the crew of the boat.

Last week French frigate patrolling the waters as part of a European Union taskforce, handed over eight suspected pirates captured in the Gulf of Aden to the authorities of Somalia's breakaway state of Punt land.