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Protests Continue;  Yemenis Call for Opening Jihad Door
  Written By: Moneer Al-Omari (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
January 12, 2009



Nationwide, Yemen's provinces saw demonstrations for the second straight week as demonstrators expressed their solidarity with the Palestinian people and condemned the Israeli aggressions against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

The demonstrators demanded Arab leaders to call for Jihad and open the door before youth to fight back the Israeli assaults in Gaza. They further called Palestinians to unite, reconcile and forget about their differences because they are before one enemy, which is Israel.

Moreover, the demonstrators raised money (or what is called Jihad with money). Hundreds of millions of Yemeni rails have been raised so far as well as big quantity of jewelry.

They also expressed their flat rejection of the Arab leaders and the international community's silence towards the Israeli massacres against civilians in Gaza and called on Gazans to resist the Zionist assault.

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh met last Saturday Hamas Movement spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri who pointed out the recent developments in Gaza Strip and the sufferings of Gazans under the current brutal and barbaric attacks of the Israeli army.

Saleh assured Zuhri about Yemen's constant support of Palestinian people and their struggle to regain their legitimate rights and establish their independent state, demanding immediate stop for the Israeli assaults against Palestinians, lifting the blockade, opening border outlets and achieving national reconciliation.

He also stressed the importance for uniting the different Palestinian factions, strengthening the Palestinian national front to face the aggression and the current challenges and to serve the best interests of the people. He also hailed the heroic acts of Gaza people.

The Israeli assaults on Gaza Strip entered its third week with intensive air and ground bombardment targeting everything, ranging from civilians, houses, mosques to refugee camps.

Over the last 15-day war, more than 900 Palestinians have been killed and about 3,800 others injured. The number of causalities is expected to increase as the land, sea and air assaults on Gaza continue. 

The war has completely demolished over 3,000 houses as well as dozens of security buildings, government institutions and universities. Economists and experts indicate that the war losses have mounted to about $2 billion.

However, Israeli ground forces are facing a very powerful resistance and Hamas media source indicated that over 45 Israeli soldiers have been killed and over 100 others injured.

Islamic Hamas Movement representative in Sana'a Jamal Isa stated to media that the recent UN Security Council's resolution was made to cover for the critical situation Israeli soldiers face in Gaza, noting that it is a sign of defeat and evidence that Israeli forces failed to achieve their goals.