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Yemeni shot dead on border with kingdom
  Written By: (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
January 20, 2009


A Yemeni citizen has been killed at the hands of Saudi border security while he was trying to smuggle Qat into Saudi territories.

He died immediately after a bullet struck his stomach.

According to the Security Information Center of the Interior Ministry, the body of the citizen was transported to hospital.

Authorities are waiting for accounts by Saudi authorities which have to reveal facts about the incident.

Early last year, Saudi Border Security burnt 18 Yemeni immigrants who tried to illegally enter the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in search for jobs and better life.

Some were said to be seriously injured; however, no action has been taken by the Yemeni government yet.

Human rights organizations have renewed calls for investigating the incident in an effort to take legal procedures against the perpetrators.

Illegal immigration to Saudi Arabia through its border with Yemen has recently declined.

Nonetheless, the kingdom is mulling new measures to improve border security.

On the other hand, Dirhim al-Qadisi, a doctor, who was attacked while he was working in the Hospital of Science and Technology University, has died from his injuries. 

Almost a month ago, Gunmen broke into the hospital and stabbed the doctor and then escaped. Private hospitals went on strike demanding the arrest of the perpetrators.

Dr. Dirhim al-Qadasi served as director of the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital.