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As second 2009 foreign kidnapping confirmed; German Engineer to Be Released Soon

  Written By: (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
January 20, 2009


A German national who was abducted two days ago by tribesmen in Shabwa is to be released soon after a mediation led by the leader of the northwestern military block Ali Muhsen Al-Ahmer has succeeded to convince the abductors to free the engineer.

Informed sources said that Al-Ahmer has sent an envoy, who belongs to one of the Shabwa tribes, to the kidnappers to receive the engineer as agreed.

Earlier similar mediations failed to release the German engineer and two companions who were taken hostage to one of the mountains in the province

Meanwhile, security campaign is intensive with troops surrounding the area where the kidnapped, a German oil expert along with two Yemeni companions, are located.

Troops were deployed within the framework of a scheme designed to raid the area in case the kidnappers refused to set free the seized.

According to sources at the German embassy in Sana’a, German diplomats declined to deliver comments on the incident.   

Two days ago, tribesmen believed to be from the Lagmoush tribe in Shabwa province abducted a German oil expert together with two Yemeni engineers who work for a company assigned with installing a pipeline of gas near the Belhaf gas project.

The kidnapping comes to put pressure on the government to release a tribesman arrested by authorities in connection with a murder. 

In September, three German nationals were taken hostage in Sana’a by gunmen who demanded the release of detainees from their tribe and to meet tribal elders’ demands.

In relation to foreign kidnapping a phenomenon that has declined in recent years in Yemen, a South African tourist was kidnapped along with her two kids earlier this month in Shabaw.

They were released three days later through tribal mediation.