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Yemeni Lawyers to Sue Israeli Leaders
  Written By: (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
January 21, 2009


The Yemeni Lawyer Syndicate is to file lawsuits against Israeli leaders after the Israeli military launched a war on the Gaza strip killing more than 1300 Palestinians and injuring thousands, head of the syndicate Abdullah Muhammad Rajeh has said.

As it is important that to file a lawsuit with the International Criminal Court ICC against criminal acts of Israeli leaders, evidence must be shown,  the syndicate, hence,  hopes it would be provided with any evidence that could support the lawsuits which would be filed, he added.

Those who are ready to provide evidence materials that will help should notice that these materials must include recorded photos of the war on Gaza, recorded testimonials by your organization working in the Gaza strip about Israeli violations and how brutal they were; testimonials by people who saw massacres in the strip closely; weapons Israel used in the war and  their current and future affects on human, the lands and animals based on  studies by military specialists.

The materials should also include evidence on prohibited weapons Israel used to pound the Gaza strip based on international experts in such a matter; estimates of the number  of the public victims particularly of children and women as well as of those who have become handicapped due to Israeli military operations.

Any statements by Israeli leaders linked to preparations for the war and any press interviews either written or visual that condemned the latest Israeli military operations in Gaza.

Statements and decisions made by the Israeli military and government on the war; international reports on war and its affects deemed as crimes against humanity, are preferred to be among evidence. 

We are sure you will cooperate with us particularly as you are interested in implementing international laws against war criminals.

Head of the Yemeni Lawyer Syndicate: Abdullah Muhammad Rajeh.