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As Sana'a-Aden Road Still Blocked, Clashes Erupt Between Troops And Gunmen In Radfan

  Written By: Moneer Al-Omari ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date:
January 19, 2009



Many have been injured as clashes erupted between gunmen and troops in the Radfan district of Lahj province.

A military vehicle was burnt as well during the clashes which lasted for one and a half hour, police director in the district said, denying troops were taken hostage.

Clashes broke out as troops tried to reopen the Sana'a-Aden road which has been blocked by locals for six successive days.

In protest against the arrests that took place at a rally aimed to commemorate the foundation of the south reconciliation and the January 13th 1986 events, locals in the district blocked the road, therefore not allowing passengers and cars to cross.

Many troops were deployed last week in the area in an effort to reopen the road.

In this regard, one person was killed and ten others injured as a bomb went off at a market in the province of Al-Dhale.

The incident took place after demonstrators demanded the release of people who were arrested by authorities as they rallied.  

Hearing the explosion, security forces fired bullets randomly in various directions.

Four days ago, hundreds attended a rally in Al-Dhale which was broken up by police using tear gas. Several people were injured and others arrested on the suspicion of wanting to commit illegal acts.

Over the last week, sources told Yemen Post that mediations were underway to convince locals blocking the road to reopen it.