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Flow of Somali Emigrants Continue; 300 Drown in Bab Al-Mandab
  Written By:  (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
January 19, 2009



The Ministry of Interior's Media Center reported that three hundred illegal African, mostly Somalis, emigrants drowned off Yemen's Bab Al-Mandab coasts last Saturday.

Coast guard sources mentioned that some Somali and African emigrants survived the incident and swam until they reached Al-Mocha coasts. However, the fate of the others is still unknown.

In related news, security sources in Dhubab area noted that they arrested 32 Ethiopians, half of them women, after they had been unloaded by a smugglers' boat. These illegal immigrants are currently detained until finishing the required security measures.

According to the Ministry of Interior, over 1,100 Somali refugees have landed in Yemen during the first half of January. The number is to increase as more Somali refugees are undertaking these hazardous journeys to escape the outlawed country.

The same source mentioned that Somali refugees landed in Shabwa, Hadramout and Taiz provinces. Shabwa coasts came in first place as they received over 480 Somali refugees, including women and children. Hadramout came next with 367 refugees, followed by Taiz on whose coasts landed 282 Somali refugees.