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Sana’a-Based Regional Anti-Corruption Network To Be Announced Soon
  Written By:  Fuad Rajeh (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
January 20, 2009


A Sana’a-based Regional Anti-Corruption Network is to be announced on the fringes of a symposium on corruption that started here on Monday.

The annual plan for the network will be set out as well.

Representatives from anti-corruption organizations in Arab states gathered in Sana’a to discuss issues related to the fight against corruption and good governance in the Arab world.

The symposium aims to build up the capabilities of thirty five participants from Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Algiers, Tunisia, Morocco, then United Arab Emirates and Sudan.

During the four-day symposium, the participants would be trained in how to conduct reports on corruption issues and how to create country transparency networks.

They would be introduced   by trainers from the Lebanese Transparency Association to the main principles of good governance and the concept of economic, political and social corruption.

They will also be introduced to the ethics anti-corruption teams have to follow to do their responsibilities as well as the main international and local tools to fight corruption.

Furthermore, the trainees will receive practical exercises on how to boost cooperation between governmental and non-governmental bodies to work together on a country level to curb corruption. 

The symposium is being organized by the Human Rights Information and Training Center HRITC in collaboration with the US Beyster Institute and with support from the Middle East Partnership Initiative, the Egypt-based Human Rights Information Network , the Egyptian association for the promotion of community participation and several anti-corruption organizations in the Arab World.