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Despite Some Still Refuse Jews Start Relocation To Sana’a
  Written By:  (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
January 28, 2009


Despite a number of Jewish families in Amran province refuse to move to new houses in Sana’a claiming there are not special worship places and schools for children, four Jewish families have already arrived in Sana’a launching the relocation of Jews to the city.

As the four families including the family of the Jew who was slain in September arrived in Sana’a they were handed their new houses at the Sa’awan Tourist City.

However, the arriving Jewish families have not yet settled in the new houses which are being equipped.

Meanwhile, other Jewish families in Amran still refuse to move to Sana’a alleging the allocated houses for Jews at the Sa’awan Tourist City are not sufficient to accommodate all Jewish families.

A Jewish household consists of at least 16 members.

In this regard, a spokesman for head of the Committee on Freedoms and Rights in Parliament said all issues relating to the relocation to Sana’a have been discussed with Jewish representatives.

Every large family will have more than a home, the spokesman said; adding some houses would be appropriately equipped to convert them to worship places and schools.

After Jews in Amran started to experience harassments by locals they appealed to authorities to transfer to other cities.

In September, Chief Rabbi’s brother in the district of Raidah in Amran Masha Yaish, 28, was murdered at a market for religious reasons.

The killer was an ex-pilot in the Yemen Air Force. Now he is on trial.

Responding to the complaints of the Jewish Community in Amran, President Ali Abdullah Saleh ordered to relocate them to Sana’a.

President Saleh ordered the allocation of a house in Sana’a as well as YR 2 million for every Jewish family. 

The transfer of Jews in Amran province was scheduled for early this month but has been delayed as all arrangements were not completed.