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As New Leadership Announced, Al-Qaeda Threatens to Attack US Embassy in Yemen

  Written By:  (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
January 26, 2009


Security measures at the US embassy in Sana’a are intensified with the main street leading to the compound is closed and the guards at the heavily fortified complex are on high alert. 

Moreover, the US citizens in Yemen are advised to exercise maximum caution while moving inside the country and that they ought to  avoid crowded areas and  places famous for westerners.

These precautionary measures are taken after the embassy received threats of possible Al-Qaeda attacks, informed sources said.   

The threats come two days after Al-Qaeda announced a new leadership for its groups in the Arab Peninsula.

An ex-Guantanmo detainee, a Saudi, was appointed as second-in-command. 

And as Saudis are among the new Al-Qaeda leaders, Yemen and Saudi Arabia must boost coordination in the fight against terror.

In this regard, an aide of the Saudi Interior Minister arrived on Monday in Sana’a carrying a letter to President Ali Abdullah Saleh from the Saudi King.

The letter is said to be concerned about means to promote cooperation on the war on terror as the kingdom’s concerns that Yemen may be become as a base for carrying out terrorist attacks have started to grow. 

The US embassy in Sana’a was targeted twice in the last year. But the latest which took place in September was the deadliest attack in years in Yemen as a double car bomb hit the outside gates of the embassy compound killing 19 people including 12 troops, 6 attackers and a US citizen.

Before the September attack, a missile missed the US embassy hitting instead a nearby female school killing and injuring a number of students. As terrorist attacks were stepped up during the last year, security forces intensified efforts dismantling several Al-Qaeda networks.