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Opposition Playing a Dirty Game
  Written By:  Hakim Almasmari ( Editor-in-Chief)*
  Article Date:
January 26, 2009 



Over the last six months opposition parties represented in the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) have been as fierce as ever against the ruling party, after many years of fake opposition.

What doesn't make sense is that the opposition members of the past who were loyal to the government are the same people who are now against the government.

Why the change in stance? Is it because the government took back something that it used to give them, or is it that after over ten years of being best of friends with the ruling party, even though they were called opposition, they finally decided to go against the government.

From the opposition point of view today is probably the strongest they have ever been. Stalled negotiations between them and the ruling party concerning the elections are going strongly to their favor. The European Union has announced its firm stance in not participating in observing the elections this April if the opposition does not participate.

Last week, I attended a sitting which was also attended by leaders of all the different parties in Yemen. They were trying to find ways to end the current conflict between the parties. During the sitting, ruling party members were screaming and talking in a strong tone against the opposition, while opposition acted as if they weren't hearing nothing, while in the same time saying only a couple of words that show that they are not willing to negotiate until (ALL) their demands are met.

Yes, it is always good to be cool and quiet, but the way opposition leaders acted, clearly showed that they are playing and also winning a dirty game that will end soon.

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