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MPs Urge Government Not To Receive Palestinian President
  Written By:  Hakim almasmari ( YEMEN POST STAFF )
  Article Date:
February 02, 2009


As Parliament resumed its session on Saturday, 60 MPs urged the government not to receive Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas saying he betrayed his country.

In a petition they submitted to the Parliament Presidency, the MPs called on the government to stop dealing with Abbas who they accuse of conspiring against the Palestinian people in Gaza during the last Israeli offensive on the strip. 

Moreover, the PMs asked the government not to hand Abu Mazen Yemeni aids collected for the Palestinians since he is no longer President of the Palestinian Authority.

Abba’s term as President of the Palestinian Authority expired almost a week ago. 

MP Saleh Al-Sanabi, however, said aids must reach out the families of those Palestinians who were killed in Gaza, suggesting a Yemeni Parliament delegation to go to Gaza to offer the condolences of Yemen for the people in the strip.

The MPs also criticized the Yemen Satellite Channel’s coverage of an exceptional session on Gaza, demanding the session must be aired completely.

On January 20, President Ali Abdullah Saleh announced a fresh Yemeni initiative to heal the rift between the rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas.

The two movements welcomed the initiative hoping it could bring an end to differences between them.

Built on a first one, the new initiative calls for resuming dialogue among all Palestinian factions based on the 2005 Cairo Agreement and the 2007 Mecca Accord.

It also calls for adhering to the Palestinian legitimacy, representing the law and constitution and reestablishing the security apparatuses on national principles.

In March 2008, President Ali Abdullah Saleh proposed a short-lived initiative aimed at reconciling the rival Palestinian movements of Fatah and Hamas. The initiative was welcomed by the two parties, however no progress was witnessed.