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Gunmen Close Court In Lahj
  Written By: (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
February 03, 2009


Gunmen closed on Tuesday a primary court in the province of Lahj and chased the chief of the court aiming to hunt him. 

The incident took place after judge, Shaef Hassan Ubaid, chief of the court delivered a ruling against a relative of the gunmen.  

The judge sentenced one of two persons charged with murdering a citizen in the province a year ago to death and acquitted the other.  

Hearing the verdict, the gunmen moved towards the judge immediately aiming to attack him but sheikhs and dignitaries prevented them.   

The governor Muhsen Al-Naqeep cut short his trip to the district of Yafe and immediately came back to the province to meet with local authority officials on the incident.  

No details of the meeting have been disclosed yet.  

On the other hand, local sources in the province said that an unmanned spy plane landed Monday night at the beach of the Arah district.  

According to the sources, the plane was not identified but it is believed it belongs to the international anti-terrorism forces stationed along the Yemeni coasts.  

The plane has been taken to an Air Force Base in Aden.  

However, head of the air base Sadiq Al-Qudaimi denied the news and wondered how it was published before they knew about.