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MPs Oppose Law Allowing Foreigners To Own Domestic Real Estates
  Written By: (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
February 03, 2009


Hundreds of doctors and university professors held a sit-in Tuesday in front of Parliament demanding the Minister of Interior Mutahar Rashad Al-Masri to step down.  

The sit-inners also demanded the government to provide protection for doctors at the hospitals throughout the country to prevent further attacks against medics.  

The demands come as the authorities failed to arrest the killers of Dr. Dirhim Al-Qadasi who was stabbed by armed tribesmen a month ago and died two weeks later.  

Meanwhile, most private hospitals and clinics go on a partial strike in protest at the slowness of the authorities to arrest the criminals.  

Almost a month ago, armed tribesmen broke into the Hospital of the Science and Technology University in Sana'a and attacked 

the doctor after he called them to inform them about the death of  an old relative.  

The gunmen thought the doctor caused their relative's death and then came in the night and broke into the hospital heading directly to the Intensive Care Unit where Al-Qadasi war writing his report on the death and stabbed him from back.  

He was treated by his colleagues but as the wounds were very deep that he lost large quantities of his blood he remained unconscious for almost two weeks.

Informed sources said that the dead old patient came from abroad after he underwent three surgeries.. all of them failed.  

Delegations from the Teacher and Doctors Syndicates met with the Parliament Speaker who promised to discuss the issue with the MPs.  

And as no real action has been taken, doctors and professors threaten a full-scale strike if the Interior Ministry does not bring the perpetrators to justice.