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Journalists Postpone Protests
  Written By: (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
February 04, 2009


Official journalist delayed Wednesday a scheduled protest to demand the implementation of the job description project.  

The coordination committee to follow up the steps taken for implementing the project said in a statement the journalists decided to put off the protest during which the journalist will hold red placards to January 18. 

The decision aims to give more time for the Yemeni Journalist Syndicate to push forward the project according to its own proposal approved by President Ali Abdullah Saleh and Prime Minister Ali Muhammad Mujawar.  

The committee met on Tuesday at the syndicate headquarters and was briefed by head and members of the syndicate on positive outcomes of the meeting with Prime Minister Ali Muhammad Mujawar.  

The committee called on all journalist authorities to delay the protest, hailing their active participation to get their demands fairly met.  

Early this week, the official journalists held meetings during which they approved holding partial protests in which they would carry red placards.  

The protests have been scheduled to start on February 4.  

They agreed the partial protests would be held as a prelude to full-scale protests.