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Hundreds of Troops Deployed To Border with Kingdom
  Written By: Moneer Al-Omari (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
February 02, 2009



Hundreds of Yemeni troops have been deployed along the border with Saudi Arabia in precautionary measures to prevent the infiltration of Al-Qaeda affiliates from this neighboring country with the aim to attack western targets inside Yemen.

Websites reported that the measures come after security authorities gained information that Al-Qaeda affiliates may penetrate to Yemeni lands from Saudi Arabia to join their colleagues in Yemen and jointly attack foreign interests inside the country.

Security sources said that investigations with a suspected Al-Qaeda cell whose members include Saudis have revealed that Al-Qaeda militants in Yemen receive logistic support from abroad.

 Some suspects confessed they received assistance to carry out attacks against western targets in Yemen particularly the US and British missions as well as domestic tourist facilities. 

This comes as security forces announced recently they have arrested wanted terrorist suspects including Arabs.

On Friday security forces said a Kuwaiti national was among three wanted terror suspects they had seized in Marib province. 

They also seized two suspects in Sana’a.

Almost two weeks ago, anti-terror police raided a hideout of a suspected Al-Qaeda network killing two of the four-member ring.

Another member was arrested; however, the fourth escaped.

Among the killed was a Saudi national.

An aide to the Saudi Interior Minister arrived in Yemen this week after Al-Qaeda announced a new leadership for its groups in the Arab Peninsula in which its 2nd in command is an ex-Guantanamo Saudi detainee. The Saudi official’s visit was aimed to discuss with Yemeni officials means to promote coordination and cooperation on the fight against terrorism.

Hours after new Al-Qaeda leaders were appointed; the US Embassy in Sana’a said it received threats of possible Al-Qaeda attacks, warning US citizens inside Yemen to be cautious.