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Mareb Security Arrest Suspects; Oil Pipeline Blown up
  Written By: Fuad Rajeh ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date:
February 02, 2009



Mareb security forces have arrested three people in a security operation, which comes within the fieldwork of hunting after wanted elements involved in terrorist acts.

Likewise, security forces of Al-Sabeen district seized a Toyota Lnad Cruiser which had been wanted by security for a long time. The arrested individuals are now being investigated by security authorities, according to Security Media Center at the Ministry of Interior.

These operations come in implementation of directives by Interior Minister Mutahar Rashad Al-Misri to launch wide hunting and intelligence campaigns to arrest all people involved in terrorist and criminal attacks.

The center also mentioned that over 6,000 suspects and wanted individuals were arrested in 2008.

Meanwhile, a technical team managed to quell the fire and repair the oil pipeline which stretches from oilfields in Mareb's Safer area to Ras Isa Port in Al-Hodeidah.

Sources told media outlets that the technical team managed to extinguish the fire resulting from the leaked oil in Al-Erqeen area in Abeedah Tribe, some 40 km to the east of Mareb city. The hole resulted from shooting bullets at the pipeline.

The same sources pointed out that the pumping operation was not halted due to this operation, hinting that the investigations are ongoing to reveal the identity of those behind the attack. 

Additional explosives had been placed around the pipeline; however, security forces arrived in the area before the explosives blew up and managed to defuse these explosives. 

So far, the pipeline has been targeted 37 times, the last of which was made in the end of 2007. The aftermath confrontations for these attacks have resulted in killing five perpetrators and twenty soldiers.

This pipeline saw the biggest detonation operation ever last month and Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for two attacks, while the rest were implemented by tribesmen.