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GCC Plan To Fight Malaria In Gulf and Yemen
  Written By: (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
February 02, 2009


The Gulf Cooperation Council Health Council has drawn up a unified plan to combat malaria and diabetes in the Gulf States and Yemen, member of the executive board of the council Ahmed Ali Al-Nomani said.  

The plan calls for the elimination of Malaria in Yemen by 2015.  

Al-Nomani said that a number of the GCC countries had promised to provide necessary support to implement health projects in Yemen to improve the medical services in an effort to help the health sector in the country reach a competitive level with the health sectors in these states.  

He pointed out that steps Yemen has taken towards joining the Arab Gulf l Bloc paved the way for it to learn from experiences in primary health care and other medical areas in the gulf.  

'The GCC plans to expand primary health services to cover all areas in Yemen,' he says.  

The announcements of the Gulf official come as preparations for the 66th Conference of the GCC Health Ministers have been finalized.  

The two-day conference will start in Sana'a on Tuesday with the theme "Primary Health and Family Health…. A Strategic Choice."