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ICRC Seeks Saba Cooperation
  Written By: (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
February 02, 2009


Seeking cooperation to serve human issues in the country through raising awareness about these issues, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) held on Monday talks with the Yemen News Agency, Saba.  

The ICRC media official in Sana'a Rabab al-Refae met with chairman of Saba Nasr Taha Mustapha and discussed ways to promote mutual cooperation.  

At the meeting, Mustapha reviewed the agency duties to provide media in Yemen with electronic and written reports.  

Hailing the role the ICRC plays in the country, Mustapha hoped the ICRC achieves its objectives to serve human issues in Yemen.  

For her part, al-Refae said the ICRC is keen to promote media cooperation with the agency in an effort to directly and partially raise awareness about the importance of human services the ICRC provides in Yemen.  

She highlighted support the ICRC is providing for the displaced people in the war-ravaged northern province of Saada which started in April 2007.  

She said that the ICRC enjoys the characteristic that it can reach conflict areas where many international organizations face difficulties to do their job properly.  

The ICRC official expressed her admiration for the activities of the agency and praised its role in raising awareness about human issues.  

On the other hand, an international study has revealed that the corruption of media in Yemen is largely spread particularly at the broadcasting and TV corporations.    

The study conducted by the CHF Foundation criticized the media coverage in the country, saying it misrepresents issues, repeats covered topics and seeks to hurt people.  

The study warned of ignoring the coverage of community issues, affirming that community issues are dealt with by 1% in the TV channels and by 3% in the broadcasting programs.  

The study, which was discussed during a training course for journalists at the Hadramout Community College on better coverage of community issues by media, attacked media inaccuracy in Yemen and the absence of the balance caused due to the lack of a Media Honor Act.