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Dhamar University Obtains IUS Membership
  Written By: (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
February 10, 2009


The Dhamar University has obtained membership in the France-based International Union of Academies (IUA) to be the first Yemeni university joining the union.  

President of the university Dr. Ahmed Al-Hadhrani said he has received a confirmation from the union that his university had been granted the union membership.  

Explaining the benefits of the joining, Al-Hadhrani said the Dhamar University seeks through the programs of the union to promote the learning levels of its students through partnership with international member academies.  

The university will also take advantages of reforms the union carries out in areas such as higher education and research programs, he said, pointing out that these programs are supported with financial grants.  

He said the International Union of Academies has connections to the programs of the Unesco and has an international academic and ethic chart. The union issues a number of journals specialized in modern researches, innovations and discoveries and they highlight the issues of higher education. 

The IUA facilitates the exchange of experts among the member universities and holding symposiums on the development of education outcomes.  

At a media conference, Al-Hadhrani reviewed good relations between the Dhamar University and European universities, saying mutual cooperation resulted in sending many students from the university to European universities.