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Haradh Police Thwart Child Trafficking Attempts
  Written By: (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
February 10, 2009


In two separate operations, the security forces in the district of Haradh of Hajjah province foiled two attempts to smuggle 13 children into Saudi Arabia.  

Security sources said police in the district have arrested four smugglers aged 24-44.  

All four were held while trying to smuggle four children aged 7-15 into the kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the aim to use them for begging.  

The children were sent to a smuggled child center in Haradh; however, the smugglers are being investigated.  

The operation came only a day after the security forces in the area frustrated the smuggling of 9 children aged 12-15.  

In recent months, child trafficking has declined with few attempts foiled, unlike the previous year where the security forces thwarted attempts to smuggle hundreds of children.  

The authorities tightened security measures at the border with its oil-rich neighboring country in an effort to prevent both the infiltration of illegal immigrants and child trafficking.  

Children are mainly smuggled to Saudi Arabia.