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Five-Year-Old Girl Raped in Amran Governorate
  Written By: Abdul Rahim Al-Shawthabi (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
February 09, 2009



A five year old girl was allegedly raped by her neighbor in a tragic incident that shook the country. According to security sources, the accused has been arrested.

"The child narrated the incident to her parents when they returned home from work. She said she was playing near her house when their neighbor, offered her chocolates and took her to his house and committed the crime," said head of Siyaj Organization for the Protection of Children, Ahmed Al-Gorashi. The family of the girl did not want to reveal neither the child's name nor the family name.

According to the medical report issued by Amran General Hospital, the child suffered severe physical injuries in addition to psychological damage to her reproductive organ when she was brutally attacked.

From his part, Amran Governor Shiekh Kahlan Mujahid Abu Shawarib expressed his strong dissatisfaction and condemnation of the crime. Further, Abu-Shawarib directed the relevant security authorities to promptly transmit the case file to prosecution for the trail of the accused.

Mohamed Taha, a human rights activist quoted the district's police as saying: "This is the second rape case committed by the accused".

Siyaj appreciated the role played by the security authorities in Jabal Eiyal Yazeed District as they managed to arrest the accused and recorded his confession of committing the crime.

The Amnesty International Report of 2008 criticized Yemen over crimes against women and called for government to take strong actions in order to promote women's rights as it also referred to Anisa Al-Shu'aibi's case.