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Moussa Arrives in Yemen for Talks over Arab Division
  Written By: Fuad Rajeh ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date:
February 09, 2009



President Ali Abdullah Saleh received Saturday Secretary General of the Arab League Amr Moussa who briefed him on steps taken towards the implementation of the decisions from the Kuwait Economic Summit.

Moussa affirmed the Secretariat-General of the League is doing its utmost to implement the summit recommendations particularly those related to achieving Arab reconciliation.

President Saleh and Moussa also discussed preparations for the upcoming Arab Summit, which would be held in Qatar's capital, Doha in addition to ways to make the summit a success.

The meeting dealt with the current situation in the Arab World topped by the situation in the Palestinian Gaza Strip and efforts to heal the rift between the two rival Palestinian movements Fatah and Hamas.

President Saleh stressed the importance of boosting Arab integration as well as activating common work in a time the Arab nation is facing many challenges.

Moussa arrived Saturday to Yemen within the framework of a regional trip aimed at discussing the issue of the Arab division.

On the other hand, President Saleh met with the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Muhammad Al-Salim Al-Sabah who arrived to  the country to chair the Kuwaiti side at the Yemeni-Kuwaiti Ministerial Committee.

They discussed means to promote the bilateral relationship and cooperation as well as topics to be discussed during the meeting.

They brought up the developments in the Arab World and efforts to achieve Arab economic integration in light of the outcomes of the Kuwait Economic Summit that was held last month.