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Yemen and Somalia in Cooperation Talks
  Written By: (YEMEN POST STAFF) 
  Article Date:
February 09, 2009


Minister of Fisheries Muhammad Saleh Shamlan discussed on Monday with the Somali National Security Minister at the Bont Land Region the possibility of activating a memorandum of understanding on fishing cooperation between the two countries.  

The two countries signed the agreement in 2007.  

The pair also discussed means to promote cooperation in this field as well as measures to limit the effects of pirate attacks in the region.  

The meeting approved the setting up of two Yemeni and Somali technical committees to draft a cooperation protocol to activate the agreement and make contributions to protect fishing boats in the two countries' territorial waters.  

Moderate Islamist leader Sheikh Sharif Sheekh Ahmed was sworn in as Somalia's new president Saturday after he was voted in by the country's parliament.  

Sheikh Sharif won a comfortable majority of the votes in a second round of voting early Saturday after one of his main rivals, Nur Hassan Hussein Nur Adde, the former prime minister of Somalia, withdrew from the race. 

Nearly 300 members of the nearly 500-member Somali parliament voted in favor of Sheikh Sharif. 

Somalia has been without a central government since 1990 when the then president was deposed by the Islamists.  

Instability in the country is one of the main reasons behind piracy soaring in unprecedented way over recent years in the region and that became a growing concern for many countries.