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Last updated: 01:14:20 PM GMT(+03) Monday, 05, July, 2010

Socotra Or Hawaii?

 Hakim Almasmari

At a time when Yemen seems to be passing through negative images and numerous crises, Socotra comes in the picture. The island called by many as “Heaven on Earth”, Socotra is a masterpiece that is waiting for dedicated hearts to invest and turn the island into one of the most attractive tourist attractions in the world.
It has ten times the beauty of the United State island of Hawaii. The difference between both islands is that one is given completely no attention by its government as its locals lack the basic essentials of life like roads, sewer systems, clean water, and electricity.
If Socotra is given only ten percent of the care that the U.S. gives Hawaii it will not only be the most beautiful attraction in the world, but will be a main pillar in spreading tourism in a country that is looking to change its image and invest in the tourism sector.
The size of Socotra is bigger in size than the space of a Gulf States, making it one of the largest Arab islands.
An island that has many times more natural beauty than Hawaii.
Socotra has rare birds that sing at night, plants never seen before, trees that look like a piece of art, water as pure as the sky, people as innocent as mankind can get, and climate that ensures anyone visiting a time never to be forgotten.
The island is desperately waiting for a government to invest and reveal its hidden treasures to the world.
Unfortunately, Yemen has allowed international forces to use parts of the island as a military base.
Such an island that has a chance to surpass all the successes that Gulf States have seen, is currently being destroyed by foreign military powers.
We ask the government to invest in the future of tourism in a country that can show its visitors a piece of ancient civilization, modernization, and scenes of heaven (Socotra) in the same country.





ABOUT Yemen Post Publisher & Chief Editor:

Hakim Almasmari is an American journalist and Middle East expert based in Sana'a, Yemen. His work has appeared for many of the worlds top media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Washington Post, AlJazeera, Fox News, The Guardian, The National, USA Today among numerous others. He has also worked with some of the world’s top organizations. Reporting out of Yemen for nearly eight years, he is the current editor in chief for the Yemen Post. He is a university lecturer in the field of international media and also studied business and law. Considered one of the top experts on Yemen, Almasmari has closely worked with international strategic centers and think tanks helping them better understand Yemen. He is a frequent guest on many international TV outlets discussing current local and international affairs. Almasmari's ancestors are from Yemen, and was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA. His mother tongue is English and is fluent in Arabic.

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The US has ruined Hawaii, Comment Title:
12/28/2010 3:38:33 PM Date:
As a Native of the Hawaiian islands, I take exception to your comment that the US cares for our beloved homeland. Americans, backed by the US Military, overthrew our beloved Hawaiian queen in 1893, and illegally took possession of our islands and annexed them in 1898. This paved the way for statehood in 1959 and mass tourism and military development which have stripped Native Hawaiians from the political process, making Hawaii a playground for rich tourists from America, Europe, Canada, and Japan, and leaving the lands poisoned, overdeveloped, and the native people with very little. Native Hawaiians continue to fight the US government for the return of our sovereignty and control of our lands. I would hate to see any other beautiful island or environment destroyed in the same way. Comment:

al u say is true Comment Title:
7/7/2010 12:20:58 PM Date:
socotra as u say is more beautiful than any palce in the world so what we need us the people from the island . we need from the government to stop stealing us . how much of dollars u.s , golf countries and others country donated the island Millions of dollars and the government eat it we as socotrin we say stop to alaryani and others stop stop stop its enoughs for now let as build our island us we like coz u stealing us We are not separatists. We love unity, but the government dealt us like idiots. We are not stupid we know what's going on. We know that there is external support for the island but did not get us. Because the government has distributed to the ministers equal. And the first of whom Iryani. The point I want to have brought is that the government must observes the Socotra and not be manipulated in their dues. As a natural and peaceful area of one hundred percent. And its people well and I am one of her son. And the people of Socotra loves the Yemeni unity. But love will not go HD, if it continues this topic treatment. That do harm to Socotra. We ask the government and headed by Mr. President to devote his efforts to develop the first of Socotra in the first and not be repeated crises petroleum and performers Fodders. And the tourism income in the development of Socotra In the end, I thank lecturer Hakim Almasmari who wrote nice article about Socotra. And greetings to you and i hope you to continue this topic, such as literature and the kind that under the government to take care of Socotra. Ali Saad Alsocotry        Comment:

What foreign military powers?! Comment Title:
7/5/2010 2:31:36 PM Date:
I agree totally with your stand that the environment of Socotra needs to be protected. However, I visit the island frequently and have never seen foreign military powers. In fact the Yemeni army is expanding and building new camps around the island. Also, if you want to keep Socotra as a world-class tourist destination you should be wary of calling for investment. It is the lack of large-scale investment that is Socotra's appeal; build too many hotels, roads etc and it will be the same as any other tourist destination in the world - it is expensive to visit Socotra and people are only willing to pay because Socotra is rare in that it hasn't been over-developed. The people need basic services and to benefit more from tourism; outside investment takes the profits away from the island with little benefit to the majority of Socotri people. Ma'a salaama Comment:

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