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Last updated: 02:18:04 PM GMT(+03) Saturday, 29, October, 2011

Democratic Awakening Movement Launched in Yemen

 Yemen Post Staff
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Press Release: The Democratic Awakening Movement will hold a conference at 9 o'clock on Sunday, October 30, 2011 at the Taj Shaba Hotel in Sana'a, with the participation of a great may numbers of prominent national figures, Youth movement representative and diplomats.
The conference is organized in the context of a willingness to assert the base of national and regional political dialogue within the Yemeni society as the country is slipping further into a deepening political crisis.

Definition of "al Tayar" (The Democratic Awakening Movement)
"al Tayar" means the stream, the current. It embodies the gathering of all political entities and parties as well as independent thinkers, sectarian groups without exception, all gathered under one banner, that of Freedom, Justice, Equal Rights and the Rule of Law.
Which concept has been foreign in the current political system for the past 5 decades.
"al Tayar" was derived from the fact that it symbolizes the ability like the air to flow through the country's political apathy and inability to change and absorbs the people need for change which has characterized this year's uprising.
This is the dream of the Youth and the future generations.
"al Tayar" does not come from a rigid political party structure but rather was born from deep within the revolutionary movement which swept through Yemen and the entire region, revealing the clashes between the conformists political parties with their rigid agendas, and the new political movements which sprang out from Yemen's civil society, yearning to establish a new democratic state based on human values and the need for to express themselves freely without censorship or repression.

"al Tayar" and Civil Society:

Essentially, "al Tayar" aims is to use the concept of a modern state and translate it into the Yemeni society, by unifying all former disparities and create a broad coalition, free from its regional, tribal, religious, social or military former segmentations to create a true State.
To the same extent, "al Tayar" aims at transposing this unity to the society focusing on the creation of institutions beyond the hold of the executive, free to administrate their affairs as they see fit, according to the principle of pluralism.
Current Priorities:
The Democratic Awakening Movement is very much the expression of the political and intellectual elites' aspirations as it embodied diversity of affiliations, to implement and create a new and more sophisticated way of governing based on the principles of a modern civil state as well as representing the Youth's aspirations towards concrete change in the arena of Freedom.

The Democratic Awakening Movement wants to follow through on the new political and social concepts raised by the parties and political entities, actually using as its slogan the wave of change brought about by the Arab Spring.
We have carefully studied the nature of the challenges that have prevented so far the establishment of a modern civil state such as expressed by politicians, intellectuals and statesmen in the past.
As a result we came to the conclusion that the main failure point of the current regime comes from its inability to recognize the importance of a true Civil State, which as we see now has led to the disintegration of all the state institutions and a political, economic, cultural, social and developmental crisis.

The Democratic Awakening Movement is currently making its way through the maze that has become Yemen's political arena, as many parties are battling for power.
The Movement believes that the only way out of the political crisis would be to use the GCC initiative as the corner stone for a peaceful transition of power.
Furthermore, a new Constitution should be drafted taken into account all the political, social and tribal entities ideas as to create a national consensus.
The Movement's priority is now to create a draft following the advices and expertise of scholars who are well versed in such matter across not only Yemen but in the Arab World as a whole. The Movement as well benefited from the assistance of foreign organizations interested in this type of political endeavor.

We ask God to help us and bring stability peace and progress to our homeland.






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