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Last updated: 01:44:37 PM GMT(+03) Thursday, 26, April, 2012

67 Cases infected with Dengue Fever registered in western Yemen

 Yemen Post Staff

A medical source in the western Yemeni poverty-hit province of al-Hodeida confirmed on Wednesday that at least 67 cases infected with the Dengue Fever were registered in the province.The government had decided to form a committee headed by Minister of Health and Population, Ahmed Qasam al-Ansi, in order to investigate into the reports indicating that the Dengue Fever has spread in al-Hodeida lately.The committee confirmed that 67 cases of Dengue Fever were found, four of which are laboratory-proven. The four cases were examined in the Deer al-Dhahna village, al-Ahia district of al-Hodieda.The ministerial committee held a meeting today to discuss the implications and complications resulted from the spread of the deadly infectious disease.During the meeting, which was attended by high-ranking officials including the state minister, Dr. Shaef Ezzi Sageer, they listened to a report made by the ministerial committee on the spread of the disease.The report pointed out the actions taken by the ministry of health intended to curb and eradicate the disease. The actions include the intensification of activities of epidemiological surveillance, registration and treatment of the cases, sending outreach teams to the areas in which the cases were registered in order to supervise on the medical process.The committee underlined the need to raise awareness among doctors and health workers for them to take the procedures followed in recording and reporting of this fatal disease. For his part, al-Ansi has pointed out that al-Hodeida is the origin of the epidemic and therefore special attention should be paid to the province in order to make sure that this epidemic is eradicated and does not spill over into other governorates.





Source: Yemen Post Newspaper
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